Communication between Nsys Terminal and Nsys Platform is realized by a web service (Nsys Daemon). Data are sent over HTTP protocolNsys Daemon provides two type of protocols for communication with a client:

  1. SOAP / REST - HTTP communication based on request / response approach
  2. Nsys - real-time protocol for communication with daemon through specialized service Nsys.Daemon.Server. The service is listening on port 9000 by default and it is designed for communication with Nsys applications in Grid computing environment as part of Nsys Platform infrastructure

The web service method used for communication with Nsys Daemon is ProcessEvent, which has two input arguments:

  • eventArgs - control command (see system events) that identifies a system event triggered at the Nsys terminal (start, switch or terminate process   etc.)
  • changes - Qube XML packet data (see sample Qpacket structure) that contains changes of a form or another data received by Nsys terminal on client side (for instance an user input)

Qpacket structure
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

	<QubeForm terminal="Default" type="Form">
		Components and control handlers



The method ProcessEvent returns again Qpacket with new Qube form (for instance when switching process) or a modified form based on user input. The terminal uses Qpackets for communication with Nsys. On client side you can access the Qpackets in Qube Packet Log Viewer which is part of Nsys Terminal (see Figure 1).


Figure 1 - Qube Packets Log Viewer in Nsys Terminal

Nsys Daemon System Events

  • RequestLogin - request to send a login form (see Figure 2). According to characteristics of the terminal can be send a modified login form (authorization through a bio scan, encryption, authentication based on a simple login and password, etc.)     
  • Login - request login to system (see Figure 3). If successful, the server sends to Nsys Terminal the Qpacket containing QubeForm with a list of applications available to authorized user based on permissions
  • Logout - request to logout authorized user. If successful, the server sends to Nsys Terminal the Qpacket containing system event ReLogin
  • SwitchProcess - request to run Nsys Application (see Figure 4 and Figure 5) . If successful, the server sends to Nsys Terminal the Qpacket containing relevant QubeForm 
  • ApplicationTerminated - application in Nsys Terminal has been closed. Request to terminate application on server side 
  • CheckForPendingForms - Nsys Terminal requests to send list of Qube forms available for current user session. This event is triggered by the terminal itself and its setting is shown in Figure 6
  • Cron - rerquest of system service Nsys.Cron to run a Nsys application at specific time
  • ErrorReport - request to process error report, which occurred at the Nsys Terminal

Figure 2 - System Event Request Login

Figure 3 - System Event Login

Figure 4 - System Event SwitchProcess

Figure 5 - System Event SwitchProcess

Figure 6 - Settings of pending forms checking interval

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